Weekend Warrior Program ~ New & Improved

This program was designed for our newly certified divers that wanted to do more diving, have more fun, get more knowledge; but, who could not commit to a strict schedule.  You want to do more and we want you to feel better about what your are doing.  So, the Weekend Warrior Internship Program (WWIP) is born.  Now look at all the things (most of them new) you will receive through the program.

  • FREE equipment rental
  • FREE boat trips for every 10 days of program diving (yes, you can still use each day as a 10% credit against a regular 2 day boat trip)
  • 2 Virtual Class Sessions NEW
    • These live streamed session mean you can be at home and learn how to manage situations at the beach with confidence
    • We put our unique spin on how to handle different scenarios
    • No testing – just go old-fashion “figuring it out”
  • 10% Discount on Advanced Course NEW
    • That’s 10% off the Training Fee.  Currently you take an additional 25% of the PADI eLearning Code for even more savings
    • Remember you do not have to be PADI diver to enjoy the PADI Advanced course.
    • The Advanced Course is the “jumping off” point for most new divers where they start to experiment with everything they can do with diving.
  • 10% Discount on Rescue Course NEW
    • Our Rescue Course is a prerequisite for all Diving Leadership Activities
    • The Rescue Course prepares you for all types of “unexpected” diving situations.  It just makes you a better more comfortable diver
  • 25% Discount on our Training Assistant Course NEW
    • If you have done all of the above (Virtual Sessions, Advance and Rescue) why not go all the way and become a Training Assistant.
    • The minimum age is 15 and with everything above done, you are just a couple steps from becoming a NAUI Training Assistant.
  • Training Fee – $100
We will arrange the 2 Virtual Sessions to work with your schedule.  This moves our old Weekend Warrior Program to an entirely new elevation.  There is nothing like this anywhere.  Remember you start by being able to dive for FREE, use the scuba gear for FREE and then, if you CHOOSE, you can do EVEN MORE.