Diving Videos: Check Out The Underwater

 SCUBA Equipment Videos

Aqua Lung: White's Fusion Dry Suit
Aqua Lung: Hot Shot Fin (Travel Series)
 Buoyancy Compensators
Aqua Lung: How BCD's are made
Aqua Lung: i3 Buoyancy Control System
Axiom i3 BCD
Aqua Lung: Grip Lock Tank Band
Aqua Lung: Zuma BC (Travel Series)
Aqua Lung: ACD (Auto Closure Device) System
Aqua Lung: Legend Regulator
Aqua Lung: Titan LX Regulator
Aqua Lung: Flight Regulator (Travel Series)

Dive Training Videos: See How It's Done

Mask Clears
Sea Hunt Episode 1956

Check out the Underwater World

Diving Santa Barbara Island
Summer Dive Trip 2013
Environmental Science Scuba Lab
Marine Science SCUBA Camp
Take a dive with students
Environmental Science Scuba Lab in Catalina
Marine Science SCUBA Camp
Summer Dive Trip 2013
Environmental Science Scuba Lab
Catalina Feb 13-15th 2-SD
Catalina March 27-30 Los Al Apes

Tutorials: Sometimes you gotta see it to

White's Fusion - The Ultimate Dry Suit Experience
White's Thermal Fusion Undergarment
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