Getting Geared up for Spring Cleaning Sale!!

How many Gear Bags do you see?

Hint: There are over 2 dozen bags pictured
Get ready for our Spring Cleaning Sale in April. As we go through our inventory of still new product that may be getting a little dated we will feature a product here and there to give you an opportunity to get a great deal on a BCD, Wet Suit, Tank or regulator.  Debbie always finds things that diver need that we have too many of.  There will likely be Dive Bags, Wet Suits, BCD’s, Computers and maybe a regulator or two.  Over the next several weeks you will see an occasional featured product up for sale in advance of the official sale.  Sometimes these products will be pictured and described.  Other times, they may just be casually mentioned without any description or picture.  If that happens, it’s because our dealer agreements prohibit us from exhibiting equipment, even last year’s models at a discounted price although we are permitted to sell it for any price in our store.