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For our Catalina Trips there is a $200 non-refundable deposit. The remaining $150 must be paid on the day of the trip.


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NAUI F-I-T Program



NAUI FIT program - $525

Welcome to your Scuba Boot Camp. This course has been designed to prepare you for your training in Scuba Diving Leadership. The NAUI Familiarization-Instruction-Testing (FIT) program is a non-certification program required as a prerequisite for enrollment in a NAUI Assistant Instructor Course, NAUI Divemaster Course or a NAUI Instructor Crossover Course (ICC).

The program includes both instruction and evaluation. Attendees receive the information needed to prepare for NAUI membership and NAUI leadership training. Participants are given knowledge, water skill and other performance evaluations, critiques and counseling to ensure they are aware of their state of preparedness for NAUI membership and continued leadership training.
Upon completion of the NAUI FIT Program, each participant will receive a written summary of staff recommendations regarding their readiness for leadership training. It is the responsibility of the individual participant to use this and other knowledge gained in deciding when to enter a NAUI leadership course. Any number of NAUI FITs may be attended if re-evaluation of preparedness is desired. Candidates will receive a NAUI FIT Graduate recognition card that can be renewed annually by payment of the NAUI FIT Registration Fee. Provided all other leadership prerequisites are met, current NAUI FIT graduates who are registered with NAUI may attend a NAUI Assistant Instructor Course, Divemaster Course or Instructor Crossover Course. Other agency leaders who are NAUI FIT graduates may attend a NAUI Instructor Training Course. NAUI FIT graduates are encouraged to attend their anticipated leadership course within the one-year time-frame of completing their respective courses when possible.

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