Equipment Services

Primary Equipment Services


Standard Regulator Service*

This regulator service includes cleaning, repair and/or overhaul of the: First Stage, Second Stage and conventional Octopus if included (alternate air sources are excluded).  This service satisfies manufacturer’s warranty service if product is currently under warranty.

Labor Charge ~ $105.00

Alternate Air Source Overhaul*

Overhaul of most standard Alernate Air Sources

Labor ~ $55.00

Cylinder Valve Repair*

Standard Overhaul for a K valve or DIN valve

Labor ~ $25.00

Computer Battery Services*

Standard Battery Change and Water Test

Labor ~ $40.00

Buoyancy Compensator Overhaul Services*

Service Consists of air check, gasket inspection & cleaning, inflator inspection & cleaning and dump inspection & cleaning.

Standard Inflator ~ $55.00

Aqua Lung i3 Inflator ~ $65.00

*Prices are for labor only

All services listed are for labor only.  Parts are charged seperately and as needed.

Tank Services

Hydrostatic Testing**

Steel Scuba Tanks ~ $57.95

Aluminum Tank inc. Eddy Current Service ~ $64.95

Cleaning & Tumbling Service**

Standard 3/4″ neck ~ $52.00

1/2″ & 5/8″ neck service ~ $60.00

Tumble Heavy Cleaning ~ $65.00

Visual Inspection Program (VIP)

An annual test required for all scuba tanks designed to visually inspect the interior and exterior of the cylinder.  If a tank fails visual inspection additional cleaning services may be required ~ $23.00

SCUBA Tank Fills

Standard air fill to 3500 psi ~ $10.00

  • With our Visual Sticker (air card) ~ $8.00 

Nitrox fill to 40% from our membrane system ~ $16.00 

Pony Bottles w/ scuba tank up to 30 cubic feet ~ FREE

**Both testing and cleaning services will include a standard Visual Inspection service, new neck & yoke o-rings and a regular air fill.  Payment for service is required whether the tank passes testing or not.