I’m a socially responsible self-quarantining scuba diver.  What can I do?

With all the craziness going on, you are stuck at home.  Let’s do something.  Let’s go diving – sort of.

The Instructors at Ocean Gear Scuba Center have put their collective heads together and said, “A Ha”!  We have created an entire list of diving activities that you can start at home.  Do a little reading, a little video watching and a little box-checking.  Then, when your ready, we can meet – online.  That’s right.  Everything can be started remotely.  You can learn more about your favorite underwater activity from the comfort of your own home while eating a turkey sandwich.  Then, as the weather clears we can start planning small socially distant groups at the beach where you can gear up from an acceptable distance and go diving.

Take advantage of a 10% – 20% reduction on eLearning materials.  Start without any pressure.  Finally, when all the craziness settles we can arrange to meet with you to go and explore.  Whether it’s exploring the ocean at night, finding that special underwater spot you love so much, taking pictures of the critters that interest you the most or just being social again (from an appropriate distance, of course), you can make all this happen – right now.  Let’s dive into fun!

Depending on the activity you select, you can select an eLearning module or an entire scuba activity.  Read the summary, click the button and then read the details.  Some classes must come before others, i.e. you must be a certified diver before you can pursue the Advanced Openwater and only then can you choose the Master Diver activity.   Everything is offered at a discount of 10% to 20% (maybe even a little more).  Your selection will let you start with the elearning material right away.  After you’ve started that we will reach out and arrange your own virtual class sessions.  Yeah, that means you can have a virtual private class.  Once the ocean clears up and the commotion settles down we will arrange to make your ocean dives, if any are required (most activities require dives) with all acceptable social distancing.
This is your first step in learning to scuba dive.  Right now, the only thing you are paying for is the eLearning material.  PADI, the certifying agency, is making this available at a 20% discount.  That rarely happens.  Your next two steps are the discussions and the dives.  This will be offered for an additional fee.  If you or your friends have always talked about learning to dive – now is the right time.
This activity is unique in the scuba diving world.  No dives are actually required.  You must either be certified or currently enrolled in the Open Water Scuba course – that’s it.  Click the button to purchase your eLearning module. This module is on sale for 20% off. Once you have started we can reach out to arrange for our 2 online discussions.  These session are offered for an additional fee.  Once all is done, you will earn your Nitrox certification.  Then you can make more dives in a day, possibly stay longer on a dive or at the very least be less tired at the end of a dive day.  These are all potential benefits of Nitrox Diving. ENRICH your experience. Combine this course with any other course listed and we will take an additional 10% off the Nitrox course tuition.

All scuba activities are fun, if they are done correctly.  The Advanced Openwater program is SUPER FUN.  You don’t need anything but your scuba certification card to sign up for this activity.  In fact, if you got certified yesterday, you are the perfect candidate for this program.  Don’t waste time making more dives.  The legitimate short-cut is taking this program.  After you get started, we will connect and arrange for some online discussions on all the things we can do.  The eLearning module is also offered at a 20% discount.  Let’s go – right now.

The Ocean Gear Master Diver Scuba program is a NAUI program.  In truth it should be a required activity for anyone seeking to pursue diving leadership.  You will start with the eLearning material.  Then we will connect and arrange for a series of online conversations and eventually at least 8 very exciting ocean dives.  We are also offering this module at a nice discount to help get you started.  Everything you need to know about scuba diving to become a Dive Leader you will learn in this program.  Challenging, exciting, fun and rewarding.  This is one of our coolest programs.  Come check it out.