Passport Diver Program

Passport Diver ProgramThis program was originally developed as a way to allow you to go SCUBA diving under very controlled circumstances. While receiving your training in the Try SCUBA Program you may enroll in the Passport Diver Program. We will take the training you receive as part of your P.E. program and add some additional training during the same 3-4 week training window. In addition to the extra training, the diver will also need to complete 3 Open Water (Ocean) Dives offered on the weekends or on one of our other diving activities. Once all the classroom, pool and ocean training are completed, the Passport Diver is then able to travel any place in the world in dive under good conditions under the DIRECT supervision of a certified SCUBA Instructor or Dive Master. The Passport Diver can apply their training later and upgrade to the full certification (SCUBA Diver) program.

Benefits of our Passport Diver Program include:

  • Free Refresher Programs
  • Access to boat diving trips
  • Access to exotic dive trips
  • Dive while under the supervision of a Professional Scuba Instructor
  • Fully upgradeable to full Scuba Diver certification