Open Water Certification Upgrade

Scuba Diver Course photoThis is the third and final step in our High School Program. You must be enrolled in our Scuba Diver Experience to upgrade to the Full Certification (Open Water Diver) Program. You take all the training received in both the Try SCUBA Program and the Scuba Diver Experience and add a little more training during the end of our 3-4 week P.E. program in High School. You will also have to complete 2 additional ocean dives (for a total of 5 dives completed) and pass a written exam to earn your certification. Once earned, you are certified to dive any place on the planet for the rest of your life. You are also eligible to enroll in the next series of continuing education courses that we offer.

Benefits of our Open Water Diver Program include:

  • Free Refresher Courses
  • Earning Free Boat Trips through our Internship Program
  • Discounts on SCUBA equipment