High School SCUBA Program

Scuba ClassWe are excited to eat, breathe and teach SCUBA diving to anyone that can appreciate a professional yet familiar approach.  Fun activities, value-oriented pricing and professional training will help join our family of experience scuba divers.

Our High School SCUBA Program was the foundation of our company. Starting in 1976 by a group of SCUBA instructors who simply wanted to introduce the underwater environment to a younger group of people, our program has developed over the years to represent quality training at an affordable cost. Our goal is simple: Teach a safe program, have fun doing it and leave the diver with a greater understanding and respect for the world’s oceans.

Try SCUBA Training Program

The name says it all. Simply TRY SCUBA as part of your regular Physical Education program. The program lasts 3-4 weeks. Depending upon each high school, this time will equal about 1/3 to ½ of your grading period. The course will meet each of your regular course days. Some days are in the classroom and some are in the pool. We will cover various topics including: SCUBA Science, Environment, Equipment and Dive Safety. When we are done, you return to your regular P.E. class. The course is offered once a year at our participating schools.

If this program is not offered at your high school, put us in contact with your P.E. department and let’s see if we can put something together.

Scuba Diver Experience

This program was originally developed as a way to allow you to go SCUBA diving under very controlled circumstances. While receiving your training in the Try SCUBA Program you may enroll in the Passport Diver Program. We will take the training you receive as part of your P.E. program and add some additional training during the same 3-4 week training window. In addition to the extra training, the diver will also need to complete 3 Open Water (Ocean) Dives offered on the weekends or on one of our other diving activities. Once all the classroom, pool and ocean training are completed, the Passport Diver is then able to travel any place in the world in dive under good conditions under the DIRECT supervision of a certified SCUBA Instructor or Dive Master. The Passport Diver can apply their training later and upgrade to the full certification (SCUBA Diver) program.

Benefits of our Passport Diver Program include:

  • Instructor-led scuba activities
  • Access to boat diving trips

  • Access to exotic dive trips

  • Dive while under the supervision of a Professional Scuba Instructor

  • Fully upgradeable to full Scuba Diver certification

Open Water Upgrade

This is the third and final step in our High School Program. You must be enrolled in our Passport Diver Program to upgrade to the Full Certification (SCUBA Diver) Program. You take all the training received in both the Try SCUBA Program and the Passport Diver Program and add a little more training during the end of our 3-4 week P.E. program in High School. You will also have to complete 2 additional ocean dives (for a total of 5 dives completed) and pass a written exam to earn your certification. Once earned, you are certified to dive any place on the planet for the rest of your life. You are also eligible to enroll in the next series of continuing education courses that we offer.

Benefits of our SCUBA Diver Program include:

  • Free Refresher Courses

  • Earning Free Boat Trips through our Internship Program

  • Discounts on SCUBA equipment


A.P. Environmental Science Program

Welcome to our section devoted to all the activities in our APES program. Here you will find access to our training materials, our eLearning Module event calendars, forms, schedules for pool and classroom, etc. You should also make sure you are following us on Twitter. We will do everything we can to make sure you are kept informed and up to date.

In addition to the various forms, photos and labs that you will find here, please note the we have provided you access to your online learning centers for SCUBA diving. If you need to check your specific programs activities or assignments please select our Online Courses and Exam link on the left of this page. If you are looking for the academic training for your SCUBA Diver training then click the following link:

NAUI SCUBA Diver eLearning Module

Ocean Gear eLearning Module

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