Private SCUBA diving training – $750 and up


This program is the ultimate in Scuba Diver Training. We create an entire course around you. You are the center – the focus of the activity. Unusual work schedule is no problem. You provide the pool and we provide the rest. This course can include (for an additional charge) a complete Dry Suit and/or Nitrox diving course. Think about what that means. Through out the entire course, you will NEVER BE WET OR COLD and be able to extend you time underwater!

In addition to the best materials, the best training program and the most personalized of attention, you get our entire staff to make your experience the most pleasant possible. You get our most experienced professionals. You really need to check this out. It is the very best experience you could hope for when learning to dive.

Imagine your every need attended to and taken into consideration. Imagine….

Just for you!!

Just for you!!

Learning Materials

  • All training Materials including eLearning Codes & Logbook

  • Online component done from the comfort of home on your timeline

  • Selected chapters should be completed before each lecture session

Dives Included

  • A Total of 4 SCUBA Dives and 1 surf training dive (beach diving only)

  • These dives can be completed on our weekend beach dives or on one of our multi-day boat trips

  • Our beach dives focus on getting divers comfortable with how to properly handle our California surf

Our Goals

  • At Ocean Gear, we give our divers the training to be the safest divers in the ocean!

  • Our divers will be trained to Explore around the world in conditions similar to those they are accustomed to or better!

Certification Card


Class Size

  • YOU!

What’s Next?

  • Reserving Your Spot