Our History

Ocean Gear Scuba Center Logo

That really says it all.  A place where families can come to learn and dive and to get completely outfitted in their ocean gear for all their scuba diving adventures!

A long time ago, when the Earth was green and the water was blue, a group of Scuba Instructors got together to introduce diving in a very different way. Instead of waiting for people to find us, we decided to go find them. We started with High Schools. Teach people to dive instead of running traditional P.E.

Forty years later, the Earth isn’t as green and the water not as blue, but we are working on that. We are still teaching High School students how to dive, only now we are 25 years into our Retail Store, 20 years into our Leadership Training program and 12 years into our Science Programs. Now, we are teaching the children of our students and their children..

We are a Family business run for families that want to dive. We will teach you, outfit you in amazing gear at “fam”tastic prices, arrange for travel to all the world’s most beautiful locations and see to it you have a great time. No high pressure sales, just simple information to help you decide how you want to dive. Come check out Huntington Beach’s oldest scuba shop.

Our store has been awarded Service awards thirteen years in a row, our director of instruction has won the Outstanding Service award twice, we have a Course Director, an Instructor Trainer, an aquarium Diving Safety Officer, and even a beauty queen on staff. With one of the most talented and respected repair technicians in the industry also being one of the owners, you will always have great quality equipment that you will always be able to get properly serviced.

Participate in the Ocean Gear Dive Club and become a part of our family. This is a different dive shop. We are both relaxed and professional, experienced and eager, playful and safe. Over 250,000 students taught with a perfect safety record in scuba speaks volumes very quietly. Come in for a neighborly visit and become part of the Ocean Gear Family.